Welcome to DARKSUM

DARKSUM™ is a darknet indexing company with best-in-class technology and automation proven in the DARPA MEMEX project.


The Full Scope of Darknet Risk

The explosive rise of darknet usage is not just media hyperbole, and the struggles of law enforcement with hidden services is well known. Its reputation and increased attention has created an unbelievable new range of unique, and especially dangerous risks, making the darknet one of the largest threats to organizational security faced in decades. Yet with the right technology, both enterprise and government organizations (as well as individuals) can detect, analyze, monitor, respond to, and reduce these risks. We provide simple, automated and personalized solutions to keep our clients proactively alerted to attacks being planned, and prepared to lock down problems as they arise.


The DARKSUM™ Search Platform

The DARKSUM™ search platform is recognizable by anyone familiar with a modern search engine. It’s easy to use, intuitive and clear, and it allows structured queries to find exactly what you are looking for — and fast. Because the platform is structured to maintain strict client confidentiality, no search can be tracked or traced to its originating query and results are held safely offsite prior to client delivery. As part of out collaboration with government contracting teams for law enforcement programs, our suite was demonstrated on 60 Minutes. Now, our platform is available to search the Darknet so clients can do recon and intel gathering, create data maps, track relationships and patterns, as well as simply finding information the minute it hits the darknet. Click Here For More Info