how to invest in real estate

Ebook – Real Estate Investment

1. Introduction It is common for people to associate the purchase of a home with the dream of getting rid of the rent. However, this purchase remains an important way to invest money – and Brazilians are increasingly aware of this. For this reason, many stopped talking about “buying a property” to start saying “invest in the real estate market”. Does it have a lot of difference between one thing and the other? The answer is yes. Whoever aims to make a profit with houses, apartments, land and real estate funds should have a different perspective when choosing where to place their capital. To…

estate financial planning

Ebook – Financial planning for the purchase of real estate

A financial planning appropriate is the best way to ensure a safe and quality investment. But how to plan correctly, anyway? In this e-book, you will find the right answers to that question. After reading, you will find that buying a property can be much easier and easier than you think. Just take the right steps. Follow the reading and enjoy the route! See the topics that will be covered in this eBook: Know where to start your planning Be objective and firm in your purposes. Planning is not just seeing the result at the end of the trajectory. It is clearly tracing each stage of the journey…