Marketing Analyst: How has it evolved in modern times?

Few professions have evolved as much in recent years as a marketing analysts. Before, it was common to see only advertising students pursuing this career. The ambition of “marketers” in the past was to work in large agencies such as Africa, AlmapBBDO, among others. Today, many are looking for companies like Apple, Microsoft, Salesforce and so on. But how did this change come about? What motivated this change of focus in the marketing area? The answer is simple: money! Despite the excellent results that many marketing agencies generated for their clients, they had great difficulty, which was to measure the result generated by…

risk in investment

Ebook – Guide to minimize risks in real estate financing

We set up a material that is a guide for you who are thinking about buying a property and using real estate financing like mall of islamabad  . See here for tips on how to minimize the risks in real estate financing. In this e-book you will have the following themes: Real estate financing Real estate financing is a form of real estate acquisition in installments over time. It works as follows: the customer chooses the property he wants and submits his credit for analysis by the bank or financial institution. A facilitator for anyone thinking of purchasing a property The…

practical house

Ebook – Practical Guide to the First Apartment

1. Introduction In this guide, you will be able to answer all your doubts on the subject quickly, as each chapter deals with a specific topic. Understand the steps of choice, negotiation, extra expenses and more. Download Now For Free! 2. What to analyze when choosing the ideal apartment? Nobody buys a property thinking about moving in the future. The initial idea is that that place will be the address of the buyer for many years. This is possible, as long as the apartment is carefully analyzed before signing the purchase contract. 3. How to negotiate your apartment with the realtor? It is…