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Ebook – Complete Guide on Best Practices in Customer Relationships

We put together a material that is a guide for you to improve the relationship with your customers and sell more and more. Download now! In this e-book you will have the following themes: The importance of the relationship with the client: It is important to invest and work with the customer relationship not only to make sales, but also to improve their quality and be able to prospect a larger audience. In this way, they increase the chances of making new sales in the future, even with less effort, with the same consumer. The best customer relationship practices: Instead of reluctantly…

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How to use the internet to attract customers

The real estate market has undergone several changes, especially with the advances of the internet and the popularization of smartphones – which has made the internet fundamental in the process of attracting customers. Brokers have adapted: If they used to have most of the information before, today they are dispersed in the digital world and the buyer has a more active role in the whole negotiation. Check out the tips that will help you attract customers using the internet: Attract customers on social networks When we talk about digital real estate marketing, we cannot ignore the power of social networks. They are popular across the…