Ebook – Complete Guide on Best Practices in Customer Relationships

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We put together a material that is a guide for you to improve the relationship with your customers and sell more and more. Download now!

In this e-book you will have the following themes:

The importance of the relationship with the client:

It is important to invest and work with the customer relationship not only to make sales, but also to improve their quality and be able to prospect a larger audience. In this way, they increase the chances of making new sales in the future, even with less effort, with the same consumer.

The best customer relationship practices:

Instead of reluctantly looking at the relationship with the consumer, wanting to close the sale soon to be free and able to take advantage of the income / commissions obtained, a good professional sees each client as someone special, someone whose purchase or rental of a property is only the gateway to a more lasting and distant relationship, full of future possibilities.

What to avoid in the relationship with the client:

In addition to applying the best customer relationship practices, there are some points that should be avoided in this relationship, such as: Hiding information, feeding too much expectations about a property, rolling up customers, passing inaccurate information. Learn all this and more by downloading the ebook.

Tips for a good relationship with the client:

Real estate agents who want to increase their relationship with customers should invest in good relationship marketing aimed at brokers, so that they can better train their team. The same goes for construction companies, insurance companies and other companies operating in the segment, as well as freelance brokers. It is necessary to be attentive to the main trends in the area and the best service and relationship practices in the market. In addition, we separated 07 more strategy tips to develop a good relationship with the client in the real estate market.