Ebook – Complete manual of the new apartment

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The  CrediPronto  prepared a guide with all the details that the owners need to remember before, during and after buying the property.

This way, you will be able to understand what should be done, in addition to having a material to consult if you need to. Our e-book is divided into chapters, for easy reading.

In this e-book you will follow the following topics:

What is the importance of inspecting a new apartment?

Buying a property is equivalent to making a large financial investment. Therefore, you should consult all documents that show in detail what you have purchased. See what these documents are in our e-book!

What to check when buying a new apartment?

Ideally, the consumer should be careful throughout the purchase process. In this way, it is possible to make a safe investment. The first care is the correct analysis of the property’s documentation. See more by downloading our manual.

How are keys delivered?

Once the construction of the condominium is completed, residents will be invited to participate in a general meeting. At this meeting, the condominium manager will be chosen. At that moment, the liquidator’s task will be to inspect the common areas of the building, ensuring that everything is as expected.

How to organize a residential move

Now the long-awaited moment of change has arrived. However, before you see your things tidied up in your new apartment, you will need to organize each task related to the move.


As we saw in this material, the process of buying an apartment can be smooth and safe. For this, it is ideal that the buyer does not accumulate doubts during the conversations he has with all the professionals who are involved in the purchase and delivery of the property.

Are you interested? So be sure to download our material!

About CrediPronto

The CrediPronto provides consulting services for real estate financing. It was created with the merger of two renowned companies in Brazil: Banco Itaú, which as a financial institution contributes with the experience in providing services in this area, and Lopes, one of the most credible companies in the real estate market in Brazil. United through CrediPronto, both offer consulting services for real estate financing.

Considering the dream that many people have of acquiring their own home, CrediPronto’s main objective is to find the best forms of financing available to its customers – buyers and sellers -, aiming at a faster negotiation process and free from the dreaded bureaucracy. Today, the company is present in 12 states and the Federal District and offers financing options, consortia, loans and insurance.