Ebook – Guide to using the sales funnel in the real estate market

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Real estate brokers like agrofarm houses . Have this Guide in hand that will help you set up your sales funnel in the real estate market! Check now our complete guide that teaches the best techniques for organizing and recognizing the steps to reach the target audience efficiently. How to increase your client portfolio and how real estate financing will help you give your clients greater purchasing power.

See the topics that will be covered in this Guide:

Concept and application

Used by professionals from different segments, the sales funnel is a tool composed of a series of steps. In the real estate market, the funnel represents a sequence of steps followed by a potential customer until he reaches the purchase decision.

How to treat your visitors

All those people who contact the real estate agent or broker. This first visitor experience can occur in several ways – in person, by phone, by email or on the website – and its main objective is to interest in negotiations with real estate.


When he chooses the contact, the visitor can already be converted into a lead, after all, he will need to offer his email or phone data so that the broker returns with a proposal.

Advantages of use

In the real estate business, the main function of the sales funnel is to capture and enhance new negotiations. For those who work in the area and deal with the effort involved in obtaining a contract, this is quite a differentiator. With this tool you will learn about improved management, increased productivity and team learning.