Ebook – Innovative and successful realtor manual

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We have prepared this e-book, which is a true innovative and successful realtor’s manual. Here, you will find infallible tips to do your job more effectively and, consequently, boost your sales and retain more and more customers. Follow some topics that will be covered in this E-book:

Understand the stages of buying a property

Current business marketing proposals understand the sales process as a funnel: the famous sales funnel. Understand how it works and how to apply it.

Find out how to use customer service as a differentiator

The maxim is valid: the customer is always right. So never underestimate what he has to say. Even because, considering that not all real estate consultancies are properly attentive and cordial to the client, serving well becomes a great differentiator for the broker. In this eBook, we have listed 5 practical tips for you to make a quality service.

Discover the best after-sales techniques

It is very important that the realtor is always close to his client. Keeping in touch and having a good relationship with him after the sale is halfway to making him loyal. But how to do this in practice? In this eBook check out 4 accurate after-sales strategies to assist you in this task.

Use the digital world to your advantage

With the advances in the digital world, several tools have emerged that can be great allies for the broker to become a true sales machine. Just knowing how to use them. In the eBook, we give 3 tips for you to hit the nail on the head.