Ebook – Manual of customer loyalty in the real estate industry

customer satisfaction and customer loyalty

Check out a little of what you will see in this eBook:

Did you know that by expanding the base of loyal consumers of your services by 5%, it is possible to increase your company’s profits by up to 95% like park view villas ?

This result comes from research carried out by the renowned business school at Harvard University and proves what real estate professionals already suspected: customer loyalty is as important as attracting new customers.

After all, what is customer loyalty?

The loyalty process customers is nothing more than having a fixed customer base that often use the services of your company. And, if the customer is always looking for your products, it is understood that something there captivated him, right?

How to measure customer loyalty

Every successful manager knows that there is no single customer profile. For this reason, there is also not just a degree of customer loyalty. Therefore, before measuring public loyalty, it  is necessary to identify the degree of loyalty your customers are in: convinced, divided, fickle, infidel .

Be a reference in the market

Improving yourself is always the right way to become a great reference in the market. It never hurts to invest in training courses, attend events in the area, and strengthen your networking. These simple actions value (and very much!) The professional status of the real estate agent, who, in addition to retaining old clients, also attracts more and more interested in negotiating with him.


It all starts from the customer’s first contact with the company and, then, it is favored by the performance of the well-disposed, engaged and competent professional. Ready! After reading this, there is no doubt that you will be on top of the best customer loyalty strategies and able to apply them in your business!