Ebook – Practical Guide to the First Apartment

practical house

1. Introduction

In this guide, you will be able to answer all your doubts on the subject quickly, as each chapter deals with a specific topic. Understand the steps of choice, negotiation, extra expenses and more.

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2. What to analyze when choosing the ideal apartment?

Nobody buys a property thinking about moving in the future. The initial idea is that that place will be the address of the buyer for many years. This is possible, as long as the apartment is carefully analyzed before signing the purchase contract.

3. How to negotiate your apartment with the realtor?

It is possible to get some discount when buying your apartment. The first step is to understand the working methods of brokers and construction companies.

4. Check the condition of the apartment

Real estate is a major financial investment, making it very difficult to buy an apartment in cash. How many people do you know who have something around R $ 500,000 left in the bank? Understand about the Housing Financial System (SFH), Real Estate Financial System (SFI), Debt Amortization: Constant Amortization System (SAC) and Table Price System.

5. Consider the extra expenses

Fees and taxes cannot be forgotten when investing in real estate. The main tax to be paid is the Property Transfer Tax (ITBI).

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6. Conclusion

Buying the first apartment is an impressive personal achievement. Therefore, consider all the topics covered throughout this e-book when evaluating the details that involve negotiation.

Planning is very important to guarantee the purchase of an apartment capable of offering you and your family personal and economic satisfaction.

7. about CrediPronto

CrediPronto provides consulting services for real estate financing. It was created with the merger of two renowned companies in Brazil: Banco Itaú, which as a financial institution contributes with the experience in providing services in this area, and Lopes, one of the most credible companies in the real estate market in Brazil. United through CrediPronto, both offer consulting services for real estate financing.

Considering the dream that many people have of acquiring their own home, CrediPronto’s main objective is to find the best forms of financing available to its customers – buyers and sellers -, aiming at a faster negotiation process and free from the dreaded bureaucracy. Today, the company is present in 12 states and the Federal District and offers financing and loan options.