Ebook – Real Estate Investment

how to invest in real estate

1. Introduction

It is common for people to associate the purchase of a home with the dream of getting rid of the rent. However, this purchase remains an important way to invest money – and Brazilians are increasingly aware of this.

For this reason, many stopped talking about “buying a property” to start saying “invest in the real estate market”. Does it have a lot of difference between one thing and the other?

The answer is yes. Whoever aims to make a profit with houses, apartments, land and real estate funds should have a different perspective when choosing where to place their capital.

To help you better understand this topic, we have prepared this e-book. In it, we will approach this subject in a didactic way, with the objective of solving all your doubts – including those that you didn’t even know could appear.

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2. How does real estate investing work?

2.1 What are real estate funds?

2.1.1 How to invest in real estate funds?

2.2 How to invest in land?

2.3 How to invest in real estate in the plant?

2.4 Is it worth investing in used real estate?

3. What to consider to make a good real estate investment?

3.1 Costs with fees and taxes

3.1.2 Property Transfer Tax (ITBI)

3.1.3 Funrejus

3.2 Location

3.3 Size of the investment

4. Is it worth investing in real estate with real estate financing?

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5. Conclusion

There are many ways to invest in the real estate market. This financial product presents good profitability, in addition to being considered very safe, since it meets the diverse demands of society and is accessible to people who do not have technical knowledge on the subject – unlike the stock market, for example.

In order for a person to obtain good results from this initiative, he must dedicate time researching which modality is more advantageous in his case (land, used property, etc.). Keep in mind that this can vary a lot according to each city.