Ebook – Step by step: what you need to plan to leave instead of rent

how to leave home

Leaving rent and being able to conquer your own home is the desire of most people. However, it is not the reality of all, especially of the youngest who are beginning their adult lives. To achieve this dream, some members of this portion of the population resort to financing.

This e-book was prepared to help you reach the goal of winning your own home. We will give suggestions of what to do to leave the rental instead.

See the topics that will be covered in this Guide:

Understand why leave the rent

You can probably point out some reasons for wanting to leave the position of landlord for that of owner of a property. However, we have separated the main reasons for you to move forward with this objective, such as profitability and the end of stressful processes.

Analyze your finances and enjoy government benefits

It is common to have financial insecurities when you want to acquire your own property. However, following some precautions and doing good planning, it becomes easier to start building the dream of obtaining your own home. This topic will work on ways to analyze your income panorama effectively.

Be aware of all expenses involved

The additional expenses that impact the value of the house are expenses that need to be included in the planning of the purchase of the house, and can be placed in two categories – documentary and residential. In this intertitle you will be able to understand more about what each of these categories means.

Consider financing

Although it is very good to pay a property in cash, the challenge is to wait until you have enough money to achieve this. Indeed, it can be difficult to save money on savings while living on a lease basis. Understand how real estate financing works and how it allows you to apply your direct rent money to your own property.