How can the real estate agent take advantage of Black Friday?

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Since 2010, Brazilian commerce has seen a great opportunity to liquidate inventory, including real estate, with campaigns related to Black Friday. The discount day came in the USA, on the Friday after the Thanksgiving holiday and soon became a tradition here too.

Although the most common way to participate in the date is to offer aggressive discounts, the moment brings more traffic from users on the internet, especially in e-commerce, real estate portals and reputable websites of online stores. And, with the increased flow of consumers, the chances of closing a deal increase even without promotions.

How to take advantage of Black Friday in the real estate market?

Generally, the power to give discounts and promotions on new or used properties does not rest with the broker or the real estate company, even if the professional has the possibility to bargain with the owner. However, not being able to change the price of the property is not an impediment for the broker to actively participate in Black Friday.

Invest in Digital Marketing

Consumers are impacted by various forms of online property disclosure. So invest in techniques like social media posts, blogs, and email marketing and even paid ads.

Real estate portals also emerge as great allies, before, during and after Black Friday. Some, with the offer of discounts mainly on launches, manage to increase the amount of leads generated by 80% – people who actually contacted the broker when they saw the ad.

Be careful with words

At that time it is very common to see ads with promises, discounts and prices that do not match reality. Do not use sales triggers that are not real, beware of ad calls and shots of marketing emails. Also remember to respect the LGPD.


In the real estate market it is much more difficult to carry out promotions as we usually see with electronics, appliances and clothing for example. Real estate is of much more value, complex economic indices that interfere in their prices, so it will not be a month of black friday that will cause their prices to fall.


Although it is rare that there will be a drop in property prices in the month of November, it is common that there may be actions in real estate companies such as:


  • offering vouchers at home and construction stores;
  • draws of televisions, refrigerators and other appliances for the new home;
  • Discount coupons in stores.


There is a world of possibilities on black friday, so it is necessary for advertisers to be clear and act ethically in this month when many consumers also tend to be dissatisfied with acquisitions.