How to use the internet to attract customers

attract new customers

The real estate market has undergone several changes, especially with the advances of the internet and the popularization of smartphones – which has made the internet fundamental in the process of attracting customers.

Brokers have adapted: If they used to have most of the information before, today they are dispersed in the digital world and the buyer has a more active role in the whole negotiation.

Check out the tips that will help you attract customers using the internet:

Attract customers on social networks

When we talk about digital real estate marketing, we cannot ignore the power of social networks. They are popular across the globe and have the power to expand your network, prospect customers and increase your sales, even if you are an experienced broker.

A Facebook fanpage and an Instagram profile are an excellent start, as they are the two sites of the genre that have the greatest repercussion in Brazil. Through them, you can share content, post images of properties and place ads for the best offers.

Have a blog

Real estate professionals can benefit and a lot from the trend of blogs: there is a lot of interesting content that can be published in this type of vehicle. In addition, the blog attracts customers more easily, as its page will appear organically when it uses search keywords in search engines.

Offer personalized service

The internet opened the possibility for the broker to serve a larger number of people with quality. WhatsApp is a tool that greatly facilitates the communication process between broker and buyer, especially with the ability to send images, videos and audios.

But do not forget to be careful with the time to start the contact, as being invasive is the worst scenario to start an appointment.

Use a smartphone with internet access

The routine of real estate agents is very busy and it is often only possible to answer emails, serve clients or do a search between breaks.

For this reason it is very important to have a good cell phone with internet access, as it is a work tool. Taking pictures of the properties, serving potential customers and accessing social networks to publish ads and share content are just some of the possibilities for using the smartphone in the broker’s routine.