Living in micro-apartments is a trend in large cities

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Micro-apartments are starting to become a trend in the real estate market. It appears as an alternative to a new consumer profile, who spends little time at home and prioritizes location when deciding where to live.

The undertakings vary in size, ranging from 10m² to 40m² and are already showing significant numbers in São Paulo: there were 26 thousand new apartments with less than 40m² between 2010 and 2017.

Advantages of living in a micro-apartment

For experts, micro-apartments offer a lifestyle that is quite common in society: people are starting to live alone and many couples do not want to have children.

In this scenario, these people value the good location at an address with facilities close to home – a more advantageous idea than living in a large apartment, but wasting hours in city traffic.

Other advantages that motivate the purchase of the micro-apartment are:


  • Accessibility

Especially in large cities, mobility is a decisive factor for those who are looking for a new place to live. And for that, being close to subway stations and bus corridors is paramount.


  • Quality of life

Living close to work, avoiding traffic and having a variety of options for entertainment, sports and leisure enables better quality of life and a more peaceful routine.


  • Economy

In addition to considering mobility, the buyer takes a lot of consideration into the amount that will be charged. Purchasing a large apartment in a good location is not easy, but a micro-apartment makes this option viable.


It is important to consider hiring an architect

When you choose to live in small apartments, there is no way to leave the project aside. It is essential to have the accompaniment of an architect, who will think about the best space optimizations and the functionality of each piece of furniture, considering mainly the lifestyle of the resident.