Marketing Analyst: How has it evolved in modern times?


Few professions have evolved as much in recent years as a marketing analysts. Before, it was common to see only advertising students pursuing this career.

The ambition of “marketers” in the past was to work in large agencies such as Africa, AlmapBBDO, among others. Today, many are looking for companies like Apple, Microsoft, Salesforce and so on.

But how did this change come about? What motivated this change of focus in the marketing area? The answer is simple: money!

Despite the excellent results that many marketing agencies generated for their clients, they had great difficulty, which was to measure the result generated by the strategy.

And as the cost of the service was very high, only large companies could afford it. Therefore, marketing analysts had no ambition to work in SMEs or technology companies.

After all, end marketing, with all due respect, does not attract as many talents as the advertising area. But changed that reality.

Aaron Ross realized that marketing could generate much more consistent results at a low cost. So, instead of spending tons of money on traditional media, he decided to invest a large part of his budget in lead generation.

Producing content to attract visitors and leads like that of a team of agro farm house Islamabad, they were able to bring Salesforce to a steady stream of new customers. Unlike traditional marketing campaigns that did not bring consistent and long-term results, the content posted on Salesforce’s blog acted like sellers, but 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With this change, both the marketing and the marketing analyst now have KPIs to work with. That in itself was a big change. Before, the creative areas of the companies didn’t used to work with indicators and, from now on, all work started to be measured and measured!

But what were the impacts of these changes on the marketing analyst’s routine?

Marketing Analyst in Modern Times

It’s amazing how fast the world changes, isn’t it?! Just look at the internet to reach this conclusion.

If before we depended on letters to communicate at a distance, the telephone and fax quickly changed this reality. When that happened, the communication that took weeks became just minutes.

As if this revolution was not enough, the internet also emerged. Now, everyone on the planet has virtually instantaneous access to information. And of course such a change would not be restricted to the personal environment alone.

Companies quickly realized the implications this would have on the corporate environment. Now, it was possible to do much more with very little. Several applications and web services, which made our life a lot easier, emerged at that time.

Production costs fell a lot and with it more jobs were created! But for us in the marketing area, the revolution that emerged was: now even SMEs could structure their own areas.

With a free account created on Facebook and an analyst, it was already possible to make any company known. One problem, however, is that few faculties prepare trained analysts for this new reality.

College vs. Experience Dilemma

Education in Brazil is something that takes time to evolve. I won’t go into the merits, not even to politicize the discussion, but the fact is that our teaching has not adapted to the reality of the digital age.

Today, colleges prepare a marketing analyst focused on working in old-fashioned agencies. Many trainees do not have the slightest idea of ​​how to operate a social network with quality, they do not know how the SEO logic works and much less know the advantages of producing rich content.

So where is the best place to look for a marketing analyst? My advice is: form yours indoors. The ideal is to look for an intern and offer an advantageous career plan for him.

Unfortunately, the only way to learn digital marketing with quality is by putting into practice what eBooks from companies like Rock Content, Digital Results, Marketo, etc. teach.

The disadvantage of looking for a trained analyst is that it will cost more than an intern and will hardly produce higher quality work (and they still insist that CLT does not generate unemployment).

If you want to build a reputable marketing area, listen to my advice. Build your talents indoors! Build a quality career plan!!!

Digital Marketing Revolution

It has already been possible to see a little of the effects that digital marketing has generated in the organization of companies. Even the way HR works has changed! Instead of just looking for creative people, it is now possible to hire even engineers for your creative area.

There are countless possibilities that emerged with the modernization of marketing. Just to get a sense of the positions that have emerged, we have:

Commercial intelligence

It is not only in Outbound Marketing that a commercial intelligence person works. She also manages all marketing and sales metrics. In addition to generating lists, it tracks the evolution in the number of blog visitors, inbound lead generation, among other things.

It’s very interesting to see how digital marketing has opened spaces for people of the most varied profiles. In the past it was not possible to imagine someone with an extremely analytical profile working with normal advertising marketing!

Lead Strategy

This is the most eclectic job in modern digital marketing adopted by sales team of Capital Smart City to boost their sales. The marketing analyst who performs this role must mix a lot of creativity, as well as a taste for data tracking.

Since he is responsible for designing the nutrition flows and structuring the entire lead generation strategy, he needs to know the best way to communicate with the target audience.

Your choices range from analyzing which is the best form of language to be used, to verifying which part of the funnel is performing better and worse.

It is the perfect union between the analytical and the creative. This position only exists in modern digital marketing and at the cost it has, it generates a very robust result!


He is the person responsible for managing social media, blogs and so on. This is the position that, without a doubt, no college can teach. There is currently no higher education course that works with this direction!

As the focus of advertising and advertising courses is much more directed towards the traditional model, it is easier to find an expert in social media who does not have a college degree, than a graduate.

This is another one of those bizarre situations that only Brazilian education is able to provide us with.

But back to the job profile now, he needs a little more creativity than to be an analyst. It takes a lot of creativity to know the ideal way to communicate with the most varied reader profiles, from LinkedIn professionals to Facebook’s informal ones.

Also managing a blog is not one of the simplest things. In addition to handling the content production, he is also responsible for optimizing all articles, assembling their structure in accordance with good SEO practices.

See how it is quite a thing???

All this work was not enough, communication is also responsible for managing public relations. He is responsible for hiring a partner or directing this demand internally and measuring the results.

It is not because marketing has evolved that the old mass media has become obsolete. Only complementary and cheaper solutions appeared!

Marketing Analyst 2.0

Today’s marketing analyst cannot do just one job. It is necessary to look for a person with multiple capabilities.

If before, a marketing team needed the person responsible for public relations, a designer and that’s it, now it needs a wide range of professionals. The evolution that has taken place in this sector is even funny.

10 years ago, no one would have imagined this revolution! But as Flavio Augusto says, there is no stability.

Flavio Augusto, one of the main Brazilian entrepreneurs and founder of Wise Up

Today’s marketing analyst must master all points relating to digital marketing and think outside the box. As most startups work with the Power to the Edge concept, today an analyst has responsibilities similar to that of a manager.

But in practice, how does this work?

Power to the Edge

Empowerment is a cute word, but in practice few companies put it into practice. But without it, modern marketing doesn’t work. But why?

The exchange of information in the modern world must be done quickly, as it circulates much faster. So in this world, does it make sense to always ask the manager for a “blessing” to make a decision?! Of course not!

Of course, the manager must be informed by the marketing analyst regarding the work being done. But this must be done at the daily meeting. Ultimately, a strategy must be closed, in which all team members work on it!

Big ego doesn’t match professional success… and in modern marketing it’s no different. Power to the Edge is applied not for being cool, but for the results it generates.

Are you having difficulties to hire?

The market has changed and the way you hire should have changed too, right? But that’s not exactly what happened.

In practice, many companies misjudge the profile of their candidates. It is true that nowadays the profile of the marketer has changed.

We at Outbound Marketing, for example, carry out the selection process in 3 stages, different from conventional models, which only look for well-articulated and creative people to work in the marketing area.

I won’t tell you how our process works, of course! Perhaps one of our readers is interested in applying for one of the vacancies. But the fact is that today you can look for economists, engineers and even physicists to work on your team.

Data analysts can generate a lot of results for your team, so the economist can make a difference when analyzing your indicators. Engineers, on the other hand, are used to getting their hands dirty. It can perform most of the processes that are shelved in your company.

The physicist…well, he is a physicist! It’s hard to find an intellectual activity that he doesn’t master, especially in the field of exact science!!! I just doubt that the physicist will want to work in marketing. But as they say, taste is taste. Will it roll?

Want to hire right?

Searching for a quality marketing analyst in the market is not an easy task and we at Outbound Marketing know this more than anything else.

So, if your company is struggling to find the ideal candidate, please contact us.

We have already structured several selection processes and we know the step by step to find the right person for the job within your company.

And as taking a risk is better than not taking a risk, I would like to ask you to share it if you liked the text. After all, we all have a lost friend in need of more quality information, right?