Top 5 apps for realtors

apps for real estate

With the arrival of applications, many areas have gained more possibilities to improve their services. And it was no different with the real estate market. Real estate agents have gained a few more options to assist in the sale of the property. There are communication apps to reach the customer, even those that help to improve the organization of your time. As this technological market is always changing, with several software releases, updates and new applications, we decided to bring you some different applications to assist you in the sale of real estate.


As it is a profession with a high flow of tasks, we decided to recommend Evernote as an organizer that will help you manage your notes and tasks. In addition to several benefits, one of the most important features of the app is that it can be accessed from both your phone and your computer. All of this can only be performed, since the files are stored in the cloud. Evernote can also keep you very well informed, as it is able to create a library with the latest news from the real estate market.


With CardCloud you can produce your virtual business card, being able to shoot for your contacts on social networks and for your customers’ emails. The great advantage of the virtual card is that you can update the information at any time you want, and you can also place links to your social networks, among other possibilities. 


This application lives up to its name, it is an excellent tool to help the customer visualize the property they want. With it, future buyers can see the simplified floor plan of the property. The broker needs to pick up his cell phone with the application on and walk around the rooms of the property. Gradually the app makes the correct drawing of the plant in question.

InGaia Imob

This application is able to make a quick management of its customers. It is a small version of CRM for freelance brokers. With an intuitive system, it enables a good management of the portfolio of clients, properties and partners. In addition, it generates reports and statistics for business optimization. To use this app you need to register on the platform.


This application can help when visiting the property. It serves as a simulator of color combinations for your walls. And all of this in just a few clicks. Thus, since the visit to the property, the customer can already be aware of the colors that look best in the place.

Do you know any more cool apps to work with? Share with us in the comments.

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