What the couple should know before buying the first property

things to keep in mind when buying a house

Purchase of the first property

The purchase of the first property is one of the most important decisions of a couple, and when that happens there are many doubts that need to be resolved. Due to the bureaucracy for the acquisition of the property, the couple ends up postponing the dream, or else opting for rent. But who never dreamed of having a home? The purchase of the first property will obviously bring insecurity, after all it is the first! You learned to ride a bike and you know it was very distressing, but when you did, it was an unforgettable joy, can you imagine how it feels to have your home?!

Look at the financial tips we have prepared for you!

  • Before deciding to purchase it is important to place all possible expenses that you will have, in addition to the value of the installment, in the case of real estate financing.


  • The couple’s expenses should not compromise more than 35% of their income;


  • Make a simulation to know what would be the amount allocated for payment of the installment. At this stage, it is very important to choose the best credit line for the couple;


  • Pay attention to extra expenses, often not counted when scheduling the purchase. In addition to the entry fee, there are expenses with payment of ITBI (Tax on Transmission of Real Estate), registration fees and other possible expenses. The ideal is to reserve 10% of the property value for extras;


  • Check the conditions for using the FGTS. The Guarantee Fund can be used to settle the installments or serve as a down payment for financing.

If you are in doubt about how to choose the property we have also prepared a content here giving tips on which items of the property should be taken into account for first-time buyers.


Still having doubts? Want to know more details? Look for a real estate credit consultant to explain the conditions and show you the best option.